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how to coordinate outfits​

What to wear is definitely my number one question, and rightfully so! It can be tough to choose outfits for everyone in the session while looking coordinated but not too matching. Hopefully following these next several guidelines will help in that process. From my own personal experience, deciding what to wear as soon as possible will take the pressure off of an upcoming session!


  • Try to coordinate without looking overly matchy. Avoid wearing all of the same color and instead, find a color palette you love and piece together items from that palette that are complimentary to one another. I like to start with something of mine that I want to wear and go from there, adding my family's outfits to that. So if I wanted to wear a light pink dress, I could have my family wear colors that work well with that...such as creams and tans

  • Don't be afraid to dress it up! Girls in dresses or skirts and boys in khakis or dress pants photograph beautifully!

  • Go for neutrals! Neutrals blend together beautifully in group settings. Greys, creams, tans all blend together and make adding another color an easy addition. Medium toned colors also blend well together...think olive green, grey-blues, burgundy or rust.

  • Layers are great, especially for kids. Add in layers (jackets, vest, tights, leggings) and accessories (hats, scarves, tie, headband) to give a more stylized look and add texture to the photo. For adults, scarves, necklaces, jewelry, and hats all can add some interest to your outfit.


  • Avoid too much white as it tends to wash everyone out and definitely avoid white bulky shoes 


  • Try to have only one to two patterned outfit for every four people for family sessions. Then dress everyone else with coordinating color solids and accessories. You don't want competing patterns to cause your outfits to distract from you

  • Do not dress only one person in a bright color. This will cause that person to stand out among the others in the photo

Check out this Pinterest board for a visual on outfits that look amazing! 


what to expect

Just bringing your fun family is all you need!  The best photos happen when everyone relaxes and has fun being together - no need to give direction to your kids or stress about how things are going, I've got it covered! We will spend time capturing photos of your family together, as well as kids together and individually if desired. We can then have some fun capturing your family interacting candidly. I strive to make it as stress free and fun of an experience as possible. Leave the work to me and enjoy the experience. I will capture family photos that are fresh, modern, beautiful and fun.


Of course, I am also happy to personalize your session to you as a family. I LOVE to include your doggie family member(s) into some photos as well. Or if you play guitar, have a wagon you pull the kids in on walks, or a sentimental quilt - bring it! I would be happy to work it into your session. Together we can discuss the details of your session when you schedule.

Choosing a photographer to document your family is a big decision. I am honored to be considered by you in this decision, and will do everything I can to make the entire experience and the final images amazing for you.

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